A Selfie Stick or a wand of Narcissism…….

1 2 3 4I have avoided the temptation for a long time, but now I am in love with my selfie stick…

Having the stick is one thing but being able to use it is another. With Garry always racing around taking video’s I hardly get to be in any of my photo’s and have to depend on photo’s that others take…

It was not as easy as it looked, especially with my new camera. Yes, this one does have a flip over screen which is great, except it is so small that these poor eyes have a lot of trouble seeing it.

So I decided that I needed to do some practicing before we left on our cruise as I didn’t want a camera full of photo faux pas.

There are a few techniques that had to be mastered….

  1. First you have to learn to hold the stick at a distance ( I was using mine only at arms length, not the point of a selfie stick )
  2. Work out the angle, otherwise you end up with only half your subject.
  3. After clicking the shutter there are three seconds to get it back into the correct position, or you end up with blurred photo’s

My first few photo’s were a little bit left to desired but now I am like woman possessed.

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Lets get our Groupon

Each day I seem to wade through 100’s and 100’s of emails and when I break them down I realise that the majority of them are all trying to sell me something. Groupon, Scoupon, Spreets and that is not including the websites I have subscribed to.

That little button at the bottom that says Unsubscribe is very tempting, but then there is the fear that I will miss out on that amazing offer of that thing that I just have to have.

Offers which we seem to take advantage of are those at restaurants which we may not visit if not for this opportunity.

One that we have bought not once but twice now is a special deal at the Waterfront restaurant down at Sydney’s Rocks.

The first time dinner for two with wine cost us $79 which we thought was a steal, but even after a 25% increase ( who said there is no inflation) at $99 we still think it is a great deal.

Purchasing is easy like everything else on Groupon and the booking process just as simple. You can do it on line or just by ringing the number provided.

We have now experienced this culinary indulgence for both lunch and dinner. No matter if it’s day or night, Sydney harbour is the perfect backdrop as to an accompaniment to a perfect meal.

DSC00059Once you are seated the fussing starts. You are given the choice of a bottle of Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc. Being the balmy night that it was we chose to go with the white. The only problem that we found with it was making it last until the main meal.

Starters and Entree are served to Share. Crusty on the outside, warm and soft in the middle is how the sourdough cob is served along with olive oil, balsamic and a spiced tomato salsa.

DSC00060An Italian salad of lettuce, red onion and the reddest vine ripen tomatoes so full of flavour it has you poking around with your for fork to find every piece.

Next comes the antipasto that tastes as good as it looks. Procuttio that is still soft but tasty, a small wedge of frittata flavoured with a sweet caramelised onion. Mini Bolognese arancini balls and the yummiest creamiest ham and cheddar croquettes with the only problem being that there were not enough…

DSC00061Luckily there were not more as we then had to choose a main. All proteins are available, steak, chicken, fish, lamb and a pasta and pizza to cater for the vegetarians.

Garry chose the petit grain fed sirloin steak, potato, slow roasted tomato, caramelised onion and blue cheese butter served with a red wine jus. Still pink, juicy and tender Garry assured me it was a culinary delight.

DSC00084My first choice of lamb shanks was no longer available, so the roasted corn fed chicken with mash and asparagus was an excellent back up choice. Topped with a tarragon sauce the chicken was so tender and although I thought there was no way I could get through all this food, I just couldn’t stop eating until the only thing left was a tiny little bone.

DSC00070Although dessert was not of the edible kind we were treated to the majestic sail away of the Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner who had been in Sydney over the past two days.

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Windows 10, good bad or just ugly… the jury is still out.

windows 10OMG what a roller coaster ride ….everyone has a story, let me tell you mine….

Last Thursday I noticed I was now able to download Windows 10. Teasing me with new technology , I debated  “Yes, No… Yes , No….” Listen to Nike “and just do it”

So I downloaded Windows 10 and started the install. Walked out of the room to deal with a client and on my returned the blue screen of “update failure” was staring me in the face.

Windows 10 Upgrade Mark II – This time I stayed by my computer and lo and behold it worked all the way through, now just one more reboot.

“Ewww what is that! ” The Black screen of “this can’t be good” was now staring me in the face. Error message ” there is something wrong with one of your digital signatures “. Couldn’t move forward, couldn’t go back, now I’m in trouble.

Thank god for trusty Ipads. Searching , searching for a solution but to no avail. Everything I tried just sent me in circles.

After endless attempts of trying to fix it myself I rang Microsoft, cause you know I had a couple of hours to spare to spend on hold. They couldn’t help and they scheduled a level 2 tech support phone call for the next day. I have to say the girl I spoke to was polite and really wanted to be helpful , but language and accents are always such a challenge in these situations.

Well good they are going to ring me.. but I am not going without my computer for 24 hours with out a fight, and any what more damage could I do . Back to Mr Google, and with perseverance and working through some logic, together, we fixed that problem. It was the UEFI security process. This meant heading into the computer Bios ( scary place ) and changing a setting in the UEFI security settings ( this checks digitial signatures ). Hmm I wonder if I should turn it back on.

Ok so at least I am back on line

Microsoft ring back the next day … he sends me a link to download and burn to a DVD an image of windows 10 … better loading that way than from a download… ok that worked…

All was good till the other morning, I turned on my computer and no internet. A big red X on my internet connection icon in the system tray.  My network would not work for love or money….

Reboot… checked

Restart Modem … checked

In my Device Manager my network card had that dreaded yellow warning sign. Updated driver… Nup

Ok …. so maybe there was an update that messed things up … lets do a system restore!

Only problem was that on that system restore a user password was set… ** warning about Windows 10… when I downloaded an app from Windows Live I had to set up an account… little did I know that windows 10 would take that for a password as a login into my computer. What that does is when you turn on your computer it will go the welcome screen where you click on user and it asks for a password. It then checks it online and then lets you open windows to gain access to your computer..

Hang on….

Remember I told you I had no internet… It can’t check my password so it asked me to use the password set up originally on my computer …. “hang on I didn’t set up a password on my computer.” WORD OF WARNING DON’T LET WINDOWS USE YOUR LIVE ACCOUNT AS A PASSWORD CAUSE IF THERE IS NO INTERNET YOU CAN’T GET IN…

So now I have a catch 22…. can’t fix the internet cause I can’t get off the welcome screen, can’t fix the welcome screen cause I can’t connect to the internet….

Back to Mr Google and Ipad internet… New search ….” forgotten windows 10 password.”

After lots of searching I found that you can buy a program to do nearly anything… yes you can buy a program to let you hack into a computer and change the password settings… now there is security for you LOL…

Downloaded the free version, burnt it to CD ( lucky Garry’s computer was working ), ran up stairs and yay, the program opened, listed the users , I just to select the user, click on the reset button and I should be good to go…. Ahh, a free version, teases you that it will work but will not let you go any further until you they see the colour of your money….. Uggg!

I had a backup of my files , so I decided to just to do a clean reload of Windows… BUT…. my disk was locked ( password protected ) so it wouldn’t run…

Back downstairs waving the credit card, back up stairs with my paid copy… yes $50 later…

Bam… it worked back into my system , back to the same position I was in 12 hours ago with a machine whose Ethernet card would not work…

More googling, more running into dead ends….Finally calling it a night…

Lying in bed and decided just one more google on the ipad…. ” Hmm that is interesting , kind of my problem, but not quite, but still might work . Will have to wait till morning to try it ”

Houston we have lift off….


Pull the power cable out of the back of the computer TOWER.

Press the On/Off button until the power drains (you will see the light go out).

Leave for 10 minutes while you go downstairs and make Garry’s lunch for work.

Plug the power cable back into computer, turn on and watch as all those familiar sounds and lights flash as everything loads as it should….

If only I knew this yesterday as I would have been time richer as well as $50 richer!!

Live and Learn, don’t always blame the Operating System!

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Paris – Tuileries Garden and the The Louvre.


 Like the entree to a main meal the Tuileries Gardens with it’s fountains, statues and perfectly manicured hedges is a wonderful prelude to tempt your taste buds before visiting the Louvre Museum.U



The gardens are situated in between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre. Originally the gardens for the royal palace.


Walking through the gate known as the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, you can’t help but be reminded of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin… ok well just the horses on top . Actually if my memory serves me correctly these ornate triumphal gates seem to be found in front of a lot of European palaces.


But the most striking thing in front of the Louvre is of course the glass pyramid made even more famous by the popular Dan Brown book the Da Vinci Code.


Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa you would be the odd one out if you were not taking photos with those comic poses in front of the Pyramid. They even have strategically placed blocks for you to stand on to help you along.


Here the trusty Paris Museum pass came into play again, not only covering our admission fee, but skipping the booking office lines and walking straight in.

The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and holds works of art from every continent. We grabbed our map and decided what our priorities were and headed straight to those sections.

A visit to Paris is not a visit, unless you visit the Louvre and it is most famous piece of Art work, the Mona Lisa . Set behind glass it is the one item in the museum that attracts the most amount of tourists at any one time. Once you fight way to the front of the pack you are surprised just how small it is compared to so many other famous works of art. But if I was to only see one thing it would have to be that.

It’s quite surreal to be walking around looking at paintings and sculptures from artists that you studied at school. Throughout the galleries you would also find up and coming artists painting their own reproduction of  certains work of art, sometimes you couldn’t tell the difference.

Remembering that this was once a Royal palace, the ceilings and mouldings that decorate the interior are just as much as part of the exhibition as the artwork that are hanging on the walls.20140613_105532


Venus De Milo

Apart from the Mona Lisa our other main focus was to visit Napoleon’s rooms, the Greek exhibition, Venus De Milo and anything Vermeer or from that era.








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Paris – Exploring the Ile de la Cite

Palais de Justice

Next we explored the area that used to be the Palais de la Cite ( palace of the city ). Now it is the legal precent .  The main places of interest to visit are Sainte Chapelle with it’s fabulous interior and Le Conciergerie not the place you wanted to be sent to when it was in its prime.  The entry fee for both was covered by our Museum Pass and ok there were no queues this particular morning, but if there had been, we would have walked straight pass them!

Sainte Chapelle 

The Sainte Chapelle or ‘Holy Chapel’ sits in the courtyard of what use to be the royal palace on the Île de la Cité not far from Notre Dame.  Built by Louis IX it housed his collection of holy relics which included the Crown of Thorns.

The most famous features of this little church are the magnificent stain glass windows and as luck would have it, its most impressive Rose Window was blocked for renovation.  The walls were all decorated in rich colours outlined with a brilliant gold and a white marble statue of Louis  had pride of place within.









Le Conciergerie

You could say that the Conciergerie was the waiting room for those headed for the guillotine.  Hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were held here before they faced execution.  Now it serves as a museum.

When you first enter you proceed down to the Hall of the Guards. It had various functions, it was used as a dining room for the 2000 staff members who worked in the Palace, it was also used for royal banquets and judicial proceedings.

With its vaulted ceilings and beautifully lit pillars it reminded so much of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul but without the water… all that was missing was Medusa.   What the…!!!   just as we walked down the very end of hall what did I spy?  Yep Medusa herself..

Walk deeper into the building you come across the prison cells.  Just like the Titanic, the cells were class orientated.  No upgrade fairies here, you got what you paid for.  For a free ride you got a cell lined with straw and a bucket which you shared with everyone else. Pay a little and you get a bed, a little more and you could snag yourself a single cell.  Now as you can imagine the commanders of the prison made a lot of money, as depending how quickly prisoners were executed, the

weekly turnover was pretty high.

Just like all good ships there is always the Royal Suite, and one of  the Conciergeries most famous guests was non other than Queen Marie Antoinette.  The actual cell where she was held has been turned into a small chapel, but they have created a replica of what her cell would have been like.  You enter and see her sitting. Just outside her cell you see a guard watching her every move, she was never left alone. She was never given any privacy what so ever. Here she remained during her trial and up until her execution.


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Paris – Notre Dame





The next morning we met up with Ron and Vicki and our first stop was to see the magnificent Notre Dame. The heavens were looking a little grey but we were being positive.

It was early and the square in front of the cathedral was empty so we thought we would take this opportunity to visit inside while is wasn’t crowded.  Just like in a museum we walked around and marvelled at the beautiful stain glass and sculptures that decorated the windows and crypts within the church.U












































Once back outside we stopped at a café just opposite so we could still take in her grandness… No matter from which angle you look at Notre Dame, she is beautiful. As we sat and chatted, we looked over to see the crowds gathering…. not in a line … just amassing…. “hmm don’t remember tape being put up yesterday for crowd control…. didn’t think that the police where wearing helmets and bullet proof jackets “. Then BANG!!!! …. “What was that?,  Oh and Garry where did you leave our backpack”….

We soon realised that the Bomb Disposal Unit had just set off a controlled explosion. The church then reopened with the all clear…. “but Garry where is that back pack?, yum I can smell toasted sandwiches” …. no only joking it was not our bag…  but we assumed someone’s lunch had just been barbequed.





The many views of Notre Dame


One of the best things we did was purchase a Paris Museum Pass.  We picked up our 6 day pass from the tourist booth at Gare de Nord as soon as we got off the train. It becomes valid the first time you use it and in our case it meant that for the next six days we could visit over 60 museums and monuments in and around Paris. But what really made it worthwhile was that you could jump the queue at many places including the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.


Later on during our stay we returned to Notre Dame. The museum pass gave free entry up the tower. No queue jumping here, we had to line up with everyone else.  You enter the Church tower from the side entrance and once you climb the 422 steps you are rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of Paris.  Out on the balconies you come face to face with the many gargoyles that protect the church. Here you  can admire the copper statues of the apostles that have turned green in time and adorn the base of the spire.

To the left Montparnasse, to the right Sacre Coeur and straight in front the iconic Eiffel Tower, from here if feels like all of Paris is at your finger tips.

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P & O through the eyes of a Princess………………….cruiser


This is the first time Garry and I have cruised on P & O Australia.  Always thinking that this cruise line may not be the best fit for us, we have avoided them. But an offer came up, so we took it.  It would be really unfair to compare P & O with Princess based on this cruise as I have been told, as on any line, short cruises aren’t really an indication of what happens on normal cruises.

This particular cruise was themed as a Food and Wine Experience.  Onboard they brought on several different food and wine lecturers.  There was a program of demonstrations and tastings throughout the cruise.


Intercruises would have done a better job. Ha Ha Ha … only  joking.  I am bias as that is the company I work for when checking in for RCL and Celebrity.  Though it was nice to see so many familiar faces, as there are those who work for both companies.

P & O do not have priority boarding ( only for suites I hear ) so everyone queues up together .  Actually P & O don’t have any sort of loyalty program but funnily enough our  P& O personalizer has us linked to our Princess Captains Circle number. I have also noted that our 3 days have already been added to our days at sea on the Princess Website.

Once on the ship we were able to drop our bags off in our Cabin and then head straight up for lunch at the Plantation Buffet.

The Ship

Lets face it, she is an old ship, first being launched in 1988.  Sitmar built her, then she was sold to Princess and became the Star Princess.  She also served as the Arcadia for P & O UK and eventually became one of the Ocean Village ships. After extensive remodelling in 2010 she became the Pacific Pearl.

In her 27 years her exterior is starting to show it’s age.  Although her interior is fairly modern looking  you can tell she is an old design as she seems dark and pokey inside, especially in the atrium area.

The Cabins

When we first walked into our cabin I was drawn towards this shining light.  Unfamiliar with it I approached it with some caution.  As I walked closer I had to shade my eyes then suddenly I came to the realization that I was standing in front of a window.   Omg  what a treat we had an outside cabin.


Now this is where P & O win big time the size and layout of the cabin was fantastic. I have been in smaller hotel rooms. There is lots of storage with an abundance of drawers and you hang your clothes in what seems like a walk in wardrobe. The bathroom is right there… No climbing over someone sitting at the desk to brush your teeth on this ship.  There is also a large desk, tub chair, fridge, safe and TV.


Get rid of the rust from around the window, spruce up the bathroom and they have a real winner here.  It would also be remiss of me not mention our room steward Arnold.  Greeted us by name as soon as we arrived and every time after that when we passed him in the hall way.




The deck area upstairs seemed a bit small when we first entered, then we realised that it is actually in two sections.  For the first two days the pools were netted, not just because of the cold but the movement of ship which created some great water sprays.

There was a sail away party up on deck that went on a lot longer than others we have been to.  We spent most our sail away on the back decks as the sun was setting behind the harbour bridge and it was too beautiful to leave. Then to our excitement out popped the Sun Princess from White Bay which made it all that more special as we are cruising on her next year.

It was probably day 2 before we even knew who the Cruise Director was.  Nowhere on any of the paperwork did it introduce her , not even the daily newsletter.  I spotted Zoltina  and only knew it was her by her hair.  What little we did see of her we were impressed.

20150621_185745_LLSEach night there was a show in the theatre.  Unfortunately we missed the first production show “Velvet Rope”, but we made it to the second show “Can’t Stop the Music”.  The show was excellent, colourful, energetic and non stop.  Garry had us sitting in the front row so it felt like they were looking straight at you whilst they were singing. 20150621_183808_LLS

They had a late stand up comedy show on two of the nights.  Before they started we were warned about the explicit language and adult content of the show.  Yes the show was rude and it was vulgar, but damn it I wanted to walk out, but I laughed and laughed.  I personally don’t like a lot of swearing and I still think he would have been funny with out it…

I am believer that stand up comics on ships tend to struggle after 30 minutes and when the topic turned into an explicit description of a colonic procedure, it was no longer funny but repulsive, lucky it was the end as I wanted to keep my dinner down.  We didn’t get to the second comedian show .. not because we were offended, we didn’t leave the dinning room till late!

There are a plethora of bars on the ship to choose from.  For something quiet you could sit in the Mix or Charlie’s  bar.  If you wanted the pub experience you went to Connexions  or the Orient.  Both these areas seem really comfortable …. well, as long as there is no one else there.

Short cruises attract  big groups so both these venues became very noisy at night and impossible to find a seat.  Yep, if it wasn’t for the ocean views you could have been at the Mean Fiddler or the local RSL on a Friday night.  During the day it was where they held trivia and other cruise ship games.

Nearly forgot to mention…. we were hanging out at the shops… as you do. Then suddenly the whole Atruim filled up with smoke.  Before I had a chance to run around waving my hands in the air screaming  “fire  fire” , the laser show started… WOW


20150620_143035Plantation Buffet – We really didn’t find this a comfortable place to eat. The ceilings are very low and even though there are large windows all the way around it is very dark.  After fighting the crowds at lunch on embarkation we didn’t visit there again until breakfast on the morning of disembarkation.

Waterfront Dining room – We thought that the dining room was beautifully decorated, light and airy.  The one thing this cruise did was reiterate how much we don’t like Anytime dining.  We like knowing that at a certain time each night  we can walk straight in and our table and waiters will be there waiting for us.  You can book a table for a certain time but you still have to wait in a queue to be taken into the dining room.  There were queues for the dining room at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  ( I was told by a regular P & O cruiser that this was not the norm on a regular cruise and she felt that they were a little disorganised.)

The food was very nice and the service was ok.. But the biggest disappointment was that over the three days at no time did any of the waiters introduced themselves or offer any sort of the personalised service that we are used to from other lines. Again maybe it is a three day cruise thing.

Specialty Restaurants – We didn’t do any of the speciality restaurants, we were saving ourselves for the Chefs Table.

Chefs Table – After doing the Chefs table last year on the Ocean Princess we were keen to try it on P & O.  On this ship they have a room specially reserved for it.  Beautifully decorated a table large enough to seat 14 people  sits in the middle with the surrounding walls filled from floor to ceiling with bottles of wine.

Knowing that this event is limited and books out very quickly, we went to the Waterfront Restaurant  as soon as we boarded to book.

The Maitre’ d took our names but couldn’t guarantee that it would go ahead.  Normally it is not held on the short cruises. “But” he said ” It might be, the chef’s in a good mood this weekend ” .  The cost is $95 per person so we held off booking any of the other restaurants. We kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t miss out …  Yay we found our invitation in our cabin on the Sunday for Monday night.

They had us meet in the Mix Bar. We were served three different types of starters.  A delicious prawn and Mango Bruscetta, yummy cheese with prosciutto and smoked salmon with capers which I ate really quickly.  I am not a fan of raw fish… Lucky there was oodles of Champagne to wash it down with.

From there we were walked down through the Galley and were introduced to the Head Chef Marc, gorgeous French accent.  He  gave us a quick tour and then on to our special room.

Here he explained that all the menus and recipes are decided by head office and that is what is served in the restaurants… But the Chef’s table is all about him and his choice and what can I say what excellent taste he has.

You thought you were on the set of Masterchef and as each course came out. It was not only a feast for eyes but the taste buds as well.  Beautiful tender Duck Confit, Lobster Bisque, Seared Scallops with Truffles, and as George, Gary and  Matt would say ” cooked to perfection ”


Then it was time to clean the palette which is done no better way, but with a vodka and citrus sorbet.  Mains was the most tenderest piece of beef loin.  Thick, juicy and mooing… just the way we like it.. Did I mention that with every course our wine glasses were filled with different wines from all parts of Australia.

Now, where did I get up to … ah yes then there was cheese … a selection that was beautifully presented.

Last but not least came the variation of mango’s complimented with a glass of Botrytis Semillon.  Mango like you have never seen before, Mango Opera Cake, Mango Icecream, Mango Mousse and my favourite  Mango Creme Brulee .

By now we are rolling down towards the cabin… and just when we thought it was over we walked in to find a thankyou note and more after dinner pleasures.

Tonight brought back memories from our River Cruise as the food was on par with that. We have to say this was the highlight of the cruise for us.

Food and Wine Experience

This was a themed cruise so over the three days there was a variety of events that you could attend.  The lectures and demonstrations were free but the tastings had a small cover charge.  We stuck to the lectures and left the tastings, which were all based around alcohol for the youngens.

Our favourite was Kim McCosker from the 4 Ingredient cook book fame.  Not only can she write books but she can entertain too.  She had us laughing and salivating all at the same time and she probably was one of the biggest draw cards..

Daniel Abou – Chedid gave us a quick back to basics cooking class.  From how to hold your knife, dice an onion and how to keep your cooking simple but tasty.

The tasting events were

  • Wine tasting with Scott McWilliams
  • Mix Academy, which I assume was cocktail mixing.
  • Martini Masters  – well that says it all
  • Wine & Cheese pairing  featuring Meredith Dairy Cheeses and McWilliams Wine ( probably the only one I was sorry we missed )
  • Whisky and Tequila Tasting… luckily these were all after lunch.


This was easy as we only had carry on luggage with us. We were naughty and didn’t go to the meeting place,  hey we were on deck 5 and we had to walk straight pass the gangway to get there … so we just joined the queue and walked off when we were ready.

So over all we enjoyed our time on the Pacific Pearl and with P & O.  If there was an itinerary that appealed we would cruise with them again.  Short cruises …. well maybe we will stick to the longer ones that at least have a port.

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Ok yes this entry is a bit late in coming…

As you know we love catching up with our cruising friends and this week we tortured ourselves even more by meeting up with our friends Ray and Paula from New Zealand.

Tortured you say! This week the 2015 Princess World Cruise leaves.  Not only are we pained with the thought that this cruise will start without us but that is why our friends are here.

World cruises are addictive, Ray and Paula are an example of those who need their fix every year. They may not do the whole 104 days but they either start or finish it.


They were staying at the Ibis Hotel at Darling Harbour which is a good position if you are sailing from White Bay.  No need to negotiate inner city traffic, just straight over the Anzac bridge and within 5 minutes you are Portside.

We were all ready to head down to Harbourside to find a restaurant when we passed a small Greek restaurant right there in Murray St.  Now normally I am not a big fan of eating out Greek … lets face it… I grew up with it … mum was a great cook… and no one makes it the same.  But I would have to say I was impressed.  We chose a Greek feast for four and we ate in true Greek fashion with a fork in one hand and all the food in the centre of the table.  Tzaziki, calamari, haloumi and that was just to start with.  Now  you know that you are in a true Greek restaurant when the taramasalata is not pink but a creamy colour… That is right, that stuff you buy in the supermarket is not what we are used to … None of my relatives made tarama with red caviar!

Out came the mousaka, salad and lamb and potatoes all smelling and tasting delicious. Which of course had us comparing stories of our days in Athens and the islands.

So with sadness we wished them Bon Voyage


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The Bar at the end of the Wharf.

food_and_drink_header%20(2)Keeping up with our cruising theme yesterday we had an informal meet and mingle with some of our fellow cruisers that will be on our Circle Pacific Cruise.  It is great being able to put faces to names and it is always so much more exciting when you see these faces again on embarkation day.


Marie chose a great venue “The Theatre Bar at the end of the Wharf “.  It is located in the historic area of Walsh Bay and as the name suggests, at the end of the wharf on Pier 4.

Sydney put on a glorious day. With tables by the windows,  we looked straight out across the harbour to Luna Park, Blues point and the Harbour Bridge. The only thing that was missing was a cruise ship sailing past at 4pm from White Bay.

Over pot pies, fish n chips and burgers, we reminisced, planned and laughed our way through the afternoon promising to do this again before the next 409 days are up.2015-05-09 19.26.13

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The Second Best Marigold Hotel

“Like lemmings they come to the cliff that is the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”……..Sonny

The-Best-Exotic-Marigold-Hotel-2 (3)Since booking our World cruise in 2011 we have devoured any movie or TV show set in any place we have or will visit.  Putting it down to all part of the research.

India, either people love it or hate it. For some as soon as you mention the port of Mumbai they say, “hot, dirty, ugly … we are not getting off the ship”. The colours, the sounds, the smells, the craziness” We Love it all.

So you can see why these movies are so appealing to us. We both loved the first Exotic Marigold Hotel movie, and the second had all the makings of another great movie, the stars, the music, the laughter and Richard Gere. Watching just transports you back to those the busy streets of Mumbai.

Of course the movie has the winning formula of “Boy meet girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back” and this played out with nearly every couple in the movie…

imagesD1T0BFNOIf you loved Slum dog Millionaire, the final scenes will have you crying, tapping your toes and smiling from ear to ear.

We walked out saying .” we want to go back ”

Our time in India

Mumbai 2011 Part 1   Part 2

Mumbai 2013 Part 1   Part 2

Mumbai 2014 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3




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