A Selfie Stick or a wand of Narcissism…….

1 2 3 4I have avoided the temptation for a long time, but now I am in love with my selfie stick…

Having the stick is one thing but being able to use it is another. With Garry always racing around taking video’s I hardly get to be in any of my photo’s and have to depend on photo’s that others take…

It was not as easy as it looked, especially with my new camera. Yes, this one does have a flip over screen which is great, except it is so small that these poor eyes have a lot of trouble seeing it.

So I decided that I needed to do some practicing before we left on our cruise as I didn’t want a camera full of photo faux pas.

There are a few techniques that had to be mastered….

  1. First you have to learn to hold the stick at a distance ( I was using mine only at arms length, not the point of a selfie stick )
  2. Work out the angle, otherwise you end up with only half your subject.
  3. After clicking the shutter there are three seconds to get it back into the correct position, or you end up with blurred photo’s

My first few photo’s were a little bit left to desired but now I am like woman possessed.

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Lets get our Groupon

Each day I seem to wade through 100’s and 100’s of emails and when I break them down I realise that the majority of them are all trying to sell me something. Groupon, Scoupon, Spreets and that is not including the websites I have subscribed to.

That little button at the bottom that says Unsubscribe is very tempting, but then there is the fear that I will miss out on that amazing offer of that thing that I just have to have.

Offers which we seem to take advantage of are those at restaurants which we may not visit if not for this opportunity.

One that we have bought not once but twice now is a special deal at the Waterfront restaurant down at Sydney’s Rocks.

The first time dinner for two with wine cost us $79 which we thought was a steal, but even after a 25% increase ( who said there is no inflation) at $99 we still think it is a great deal.

Purchasing is easy like everything else on Groupon and the booking process just as simple. You can do it on line or just by ringing the number provided.

We have now experienced this culinary indulgence for both lunch and dinner. No matter if it’s day or night, Sydney harbour is the perfect backdrop as to an accompaniment to a perfect meal.

DSC00059Once you are seated the fussing starts. You are given the choice of a bottle of Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc. Being the balmy night that it was we chose to go with the white. The only problem that we found with it was making it last until the main meal.

Starters and Entree are served to Share. Crusty on the outside, warm and soft in the middle is how the sourdough cob is served along with olive oil, balsamic and a spiced tomato salsa.

DSC00060An Italian salad of lettuce, red onion and the reddest vine ripen tomatoes so full of flavour it has you poking around with your for fork to find every piece.

Next comes the antipasto that tastes as good as it looks. Procuttio that is still soft but tasty, a small wedge of frittata flavoured with a sweet caramelised onion. Mini Bolognese arancini balls and the yummiest creamiest ham and cheddar croquettes with the only problem being that there were not enough…

DSC00061Luckily there were not more as we then had to choose a main. All proteins are available, steak, chicken, fish, lamb and a pasta and pizza to cater for the vegetarians.

Garry chose the petit grain fed sirloin steak, potato, slow roasted tomato, caramelised onion and blue cheese butter served with a red wine jus. Still pink, juicy and tender Garry assured me it was a culinary delight.

DSC00084My first choice of lamb shanks was no longer available, so the roasted corn fed chicken with mash and asparagus was an excellent back up choice. Topped with a tarragon sauce the chicken was so tender and although I thought there was no way I could get through all this food, I just couldn’t stop eating until the only thing left was a tiny little bone.

DSC00070Although dessert was not of the edible kind we were treated to the majestic sail away of the Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner who had been in Sydney over the past two days.

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