Ok yes this entry is a bit late in coming…

As you know we love catching up with our cruising friends and this week we tortured ourselves even more by meeting up with our friends Ray and Paula from New Zealand.

Tortured you say! This week the 2015 Princess World Cruise leaves.  Not only are we pained with the thought that this cruise will start without us but that is why our friends are here.

World cruises are addictive, Ray and Paula are an example of those who need their fix every year. They may not do the whole 104 days but they either start or finish it.


They were staying at the Ibis Hotel at Darling Harbour which is a good position if you are sailing from White Bay.  No need to negotiate inner city traffic, just straight over the Anzac bridge and within 5 minutes you are Portside.

We were all ready to head down to Harbourside to find a restaurant when we passed a small Greek restaurant right there in Murray St.  Now normally I am not a big fan of eating out Greek … lets face it… I grew up with it … mum was a great cook… and no one makes it the same.  But I would have to say I was impressed.  We chose a Greek feast for four and we ate in true Greek fashion with a fork in one hand and all the food in the centre of the table.  Tzaziki, calamari, haloumi and that was just to start with.  Now  you know that you are in a true Greek restaurant when the taramasalata is not pink but a creamy colour… That is right, that stuff you buy in the supermarket is not what we are used to … None of my relatives made tarama with red caviar!

Out came the mousaka, salad and lamb and potatoes all smelling and tasting delicious. Which of course had us comparing stories of our days in Athens and the islands.

So with sadness we wished them Bon Voyage


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