Gaznjo’s Grand Adventure 2014

adventure headingShips, Planes, Trains and River boats taking us through Asia, Middle East, Africa, Baltic, England, Paris and Amsterdam through to Budapest…

OK … So what are we doing

Our trip begins with our cruise on the Ocean Princess for 51 days leaving Sydney and ending in Cape town.  The highlight on this part of the trip will be our 3 day Safari out of Durban.. An overland excursion that will tick so many boxes off the Bucket List.

From Cape Town we will fly to the UK to join our 21 day Nordic and Baltic cruise on Holland America’s Ryndam.  This is where we learnt why Airline companies can discount their return flights…… They charge an absolute bomb for their single flights….  Now you can fly direct from Cape Town to London …. But for half the price you can fly via Dubai……. What is the catch….. You get 8 extra hours of flying time…. How could you pass up an offer like that!!!!   what do they say.. pay more get less…

After returning from the Baltic we are taking time to spend with our UK family.  Being based in Salisbury we hope to cover some of that lovely English countryside. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us…

Having visited France on our last 2 trips, Paris has eluded us.  We decided that we would save Paris for a time when we can spend more time exploring this beautiful city… This holiday opened up that opportunity.  Unfortunately we were going to share this experience with our VBTB’s ( Very Best Travel Buddy’s) but due to unforeseen circumstances they had to cancel their plans…. So the intrepid twosome ( that is us ) have to tackle this city on our own relying on our trusty travel guide book and Garry’s year 12 French…. Wish us luck….. After a week of hopefully good cheese, crusty bread and excellent wine we will move on to Amsterdam….

In 2011 we missed visiting Amsterdam due to rough seas , high winds and generally just bad weather. But touch wood, travelling by high speed train over land will practically guarantee our arrival.  From here we are joining an Avalon River Cruise, 15 nights sailing down the Rhine , Maine and the Danube finishing up at Budapest.

From Budapest we will return to London for 4 days so we can both see how much it has changed.

By then I am thinking we will be ready to return home.

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