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Garry and Joanne in Mauritius

” This is our trip of a life time” . That is what we said in 2011 when we went on our first World Cruise.  But it gets you, the bug bites and it infects you with a hunger that can’t  be satisfied. We are Garry and Joanne from Sydney, Australia and we are Cruiseaholic’s. As wannabe retirees, our love of travel keeps steering us back into the workforce and every time we say “that’s enough”, Princess release  another Grand voyage to tease us. We have now done three ‘trips of a life time’ with two more on the horizon. After these two we would have sailed to nearly every continent in the world. Along the way we have made some wonderful life long friends, who you will get to know as you read through our blogs. So grab a cup of tea, sit back and come along for the ride……

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  1. I just happened upon your blog…arn’t you the Jo who had the cloth embroidered with other cruisers’ names on the 2011 WC…we did the Dover to Sydney sector, but I followed your blog for the first half….and now we are about to repeat the Dover to Fremantle sector on the current WC! I agree this cruising is addictive and the long haul cruises are our preference too..I won’t touch anything less than a couple of weeks and usually much longer…just wish I could persuade ‘someone’ to do the whole WC!

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