Paris – Tuileries Garden and the The Louvre.


 Like the entree to a main meal the Tuileries Gardens with it’s fountains, statues and perfectly manicured hedges is a wonderful prelude to tempt your taste buds before visiting the Louvre Museum.U



The gardens are situated in between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre. Originally the gardens for the royal palace.


Walking through the gate known as the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, you can’t help but be reminded of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin… ok well just the horses on top . Actually if my memory serves me correctly these ornate triumphal gates seem to be found in front of a lot of European palaces.


But the most striking thing in front of the Louvre is of course the glass pyramid made even more famous by the popular Dan Brown book the Da Vinci Code.


Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa you would be the odd one out if you were not taking photos with those comic poses in front of the Pyramid. They even have strategically placed blocks for you to stand on to help you along.


Here the trusty Paris Museum pass came into play again, not only covering our admission fee, but skipping the booking office lines and walking straight in.

The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and holds works of art from every continent. We grabbed our map and decided what our priorities were and headed straight to those sections.

A visit to Paris is not a visit, unless you visit the Louvre and it is most famous piece of Art work, the Mona Lisa . Set behind glass it is the one item in the museum that attracts the most amount of tourists at any one time. Once you fight way to the front of the pack you are surprised just how small it is compared to so many other famous works of art. But if I was to only see one thing it would have to be that.

It’s quite surreal to be walking around looking at paintings and sculptures from artists that you studied at school. Throughout the galleries you would also find up and coming artists painting their own reproduction of  certains work of art, sometimes you couldn’t tell the difference.

Remembering that this was once a Royal palace, the ceilings and mouldings that decorate the interior are just as much as part of the exhibition as the artwork that are hanging on the walls.20140613_105532


Venus De Milo

Apart from the Mona Lisa our other main focus was to visit Napoleon’s rooms, the Greek exhibition, Venus De Milo and anything Vermeer or from that era.








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Paris – Exploring the Ile de la Cite

Palais de Justice

Next we explored the area that used to be the Palais de la Cite ( palace of the city ). Now it is the legal precent .  The main places of interest to visit are Sainte Chapelle with it’s fabulous interior and Le Conciergerie not the place you wanted to be sent to when it was in its prime.  The entry fee for both was covered by our Museum Pass and ok there were no queues this particular morning, but if there had been, we would have walked straight pass them!

Sainte Chapelle 

The Sainte Chapelle or ‘Holy Chapel’ sits in the courtyard of what use to be the royal palace on the Île de la Cité not far from Notre Dame.  Built by Louis IX it housed his collection of holy relics which included the Crown of Thorns.

The most famous features of this little church are the magnificent stain glass windows and as luck would have it, its most impressive Rose Window was blocked for renovation.  The walls were all decorated in rich colours outlined with a brilliant gold and a white marble statue of Louis  had pride of place within.









Le Conciergerie

You could say that the Conciergerie was the waiting room for those headed for the guillotine.  Hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were held here before they faced execution.  Now it serves as a museum.

When you first enter you proceed down to the Hall of the Guards. It had various functions, it was used as a dining room for the 2000 staff members who worked in the Palace, it was also used for royal banquets and judicial proceedings.

With its vaulted ceilings and beautifully lit pillars it reminded so much of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul but without the water… all that was missing was Medusa.   What the…!!!   just as we walked down the very end of hall what did I spy?  Yep Medusa herself..

Walk deeper into the building you come across the prison cells.  Just like the Titanic, the cells were class orientated.  No upgrade fairies here, you got what you paid for.  For a free ride you got a cell lined with straw and a bucket which you shared with everyone else. Pay a little and you get a bed, a little more and you could snag yourself a single cell.  Now as you can imagine the commanders of the prison made a lot of money, as depending how quickly prisoners were executed, the

weekly turnover was pretty high.

Just like all good ships there is always the Royal Suite, and one of  the Conciergeries most famous guests was non other than Queen Marie Antoinette.  The actual cell where she was held has been turned into a small chapel, but they have created a replica of what her cell would have been like.  You enter and see her sitting. Just outside her cell you see a guard watching her every move, she was never left alone. She was never given any privacy what so ever. Here she remained during her trial and up until her execution.


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Paris – Notre Dame





The next morning we met up with Ron and Vicki and our first stop was to see the magnificent Notre Dame. The heavens were looking a little grey but we were being positive.

It was early and the square in front of the cathedral was empty so we thought we would take this opportunity to visit inside while is wasn’t crowded.  Just like in a museum we walked around and marvelled at the beautiful stain glass and sculptures that decorated the windows and crypts within the church.U












































Once back outside we stopped at a café just opposite so we could still take in her grandness… No matter from which angle you look at Notre Dame, she is beautiful. As we sat and chatted, we looked over to see the crowds gathering…. not in a line … just amassing…. “hmm don’t remember tape being put up yesterday for crowd control…. didn’t think that the police where wearing helmets and bullet proof jackets “. Then BANG!!!! …. “What was that?,  Oh and Garry where did you leave our backpack”….

We soon realised that the Bomb Disposal Unit had just set off a controlled explosion. The church then reopened with the all clear…. “but Garry where is that back pack?, yum I can smell toasted sandwiches” …. no only joking it was not our bag…  but we assumed someone’s lunch had just been barbequed.





The many views of Notre Dame


One of the best things we did was purchase a Paris Museum Pass.  We picked up our 6 day pass from the tourist booth at Gare de Nord as soon as we got off the train. It becomes valid the first time you use it and in our case it meant that for the next six days we could visit over 60 museums and monuments in and around Paris. But what really made it worthwhile was that you could jump the queue at many places including the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.


Later on during our stay we returned to Notre Dame. The museum pass gave free entry up the tower. No queue jumping here, we had to line up with everyone else.  You enter the Church tower from the side entrance and once you climb the 422 steps you are rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of Paris.  Out on the balconies you come face to face with the many gargoyles that protect the church. Here you  can admire the copper statues of the apostles that have turned green in time and adorn the base of the spire.

To the left Montparnasse, to the right Sacre Coeur and straight in front the iconic Eiffel Tower, from here if feels like all of Paris is at your finger tips.

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Paris – Settling In

Once the rain stopped we decided to pay a visit to the local supermarket to fill up our fridge. Nothing like keeping it fresh with delicious crusty bread, cheese, meat, tomatoes and wine of course.  Our little balcony was the perfect spot to enjoy our dinner. Good food, good wine, good view.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

With our tummies full we decided to go for a walk and soak up some of that French atmosphere.  We walked down to the Seine and crossed one of the many bridges throughout Paris to the Isle of Citi.  Here in it’s glory sits Notre Dame Cathedral.  Day or night the square just in front is always busy with sight seers, hawkers and those just gathering for a chat.  As night fell we watched as the Cathedral lit up against the black backdrop of the darkening sky.

Locks love on the bridge

Locks of love on the bridge

What else do you do in Paris, the city of love, but walk hand in hand along the river Seine. Not quite the ambiance that we hoped for.  Young men and woman lined the banks swigging straight from their wine bottles. Happily chatting with their boom boxes blaring their favourite music.  But far worst was every time you walked under a bridge the stench of urine was enough to make your eyes water. Obviously they didn’t want to stray too far when they wanted to relieve themselves.


The river Seine at Night

The romanticism returned once back on street level.  The city lights reflections shimmering in the water, beautifully lit boats gliding up and down the river.  This is the time when the buskers all come out and start playing … good or bad it didn’t matter, there was always music where ever you went.

Heading back over to the mainland we stolled around some of the little streets. They were a buzz with many restaurants and other types of night life. All cuisines were represented, Greek, Italian, Thai, all the different aromas tempting you as you walked past each establishment.

It was all good and we slept well that night.

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Bonjour Paris

“Hey you want a taxi? no waiting, 90 Euro’s”


The French weather was not playing very nice today. When the Euro star arrived at  Gard du Nord we were greeted by rain and a lot of it. This station is big, noisy and very busy. We could have taken the Metro to our accommodation but weather conditions and the four bags in tow did not make this an appealing option.

Everyone else had the same thoughts same as taxi queue was exceptionally long. Although most of it was undercover where we joined was not. Luckily it moved quickly, but it was still nearly an hour before we were on our way.  One enterprising gentleman trying to take advantage of the situation was offering transport for the measly sum of 90Euro’s …

Once in the taxi the rest was pretty painless. We arrived at our destination, the rain had eased and we found our apartment.

We stayed in the Latin Quarter on Rue Galande not far from Notre Dame.  Paris buildings are old and when they were built the last thing on the architects minds were long distance travellers with large suitcases. Did I mention we were on  the 5th floor?  The  building has been renovated and a lift installed… unfortunately it started on the first floor and ended on the fourth floor.


Our room ” Esmeralda”

In Paris stairs are narrow in width and long in depth. This makes them pretty steep. The lifts were big enough for one person and one suitcase or two people as long as you didn’t mind being intimate.  The reward for getting our bags up to the 5th floor without breaking our necks was a magnificent view of Notre Dame.

A room with a view…..


Our apartment appropriately named Esmeralda, was light, airy and decorated beautifully. It was very well equipped, although we had a Iron but no ironing board, so towels and table top it was.

The white washed room, shabby chic furniture and crystal chandelier just screamed out parisienne. There was a washing machine/dryer, dishwasher and WiFi….. we wanted for nothing…

A little balcony with just enough room for a table and two chairs  was the perfect setting to sit and watch Paris go by.  Delicious pate’s, creamy soft cheeses and crusty baguettes became our staple, washed down with a light red wine.

Our Parisienne Diet.

We shared two of our six days with Vicki and Ron, Garry’s niece from England.  They flew over to spend time with us which was great and a lot of fun.

If you want more information about our beautiful apartments you can visit

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